Vaal Boat River Cruises

Boat Cruises from the Stonehaven Harbour

Stonehaven runs a fleet of Vaal Boat River Cruises from the Stonehaven Harbour and proudly boasts SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Association) Certificates for all of their Vessels. Before you book a cruise on any inland waters in South Africa, make sure the Operator is able to show you SAMSA certificates. It is now compulsory for all Commercial Cruiser operators to have these safety certificates – if they do not, the safety of the vessel you are using is not assured and there will be no public liability cover on these vessels either. Let us know if you would like us to forward a copy of Stonehaven’s cruiser certificates to you.

Stonehaven’s forte is the great attention to detail, so all of the river cruise prices include personalized printed full coloured menus and welcome sign's, charming table settings with your choice of colour scheme and table centre-pieces. Unique Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions and Conferences can be hosted on board besides Private and Corporate Marine Dining.

Download a printable Stonehaven Cruisers Flyer with Winter Rates (valid until end August 2013)

Download a printable Stonehaven Cruisers Flyer with Summer Rates (valid until from October 2013)

Stonehaven's cruisers are all SAMSA certified

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The Spirit ofJen

"The Spirit of Jen" is the most luxurious Vaal Cruiser in Gauteng that takes 150 passengers seated (200 Cocktail). It is the largest, fastest and most extravagant Cruiser on the Vaal River. It has an enclosed bottom deck with large sliding windows, a fitted bar, 6 ladies/gents, Bose music/PA System, conference facilities and an open top deck with sun loungers and a Jacuzzi. The Captain will invite your VIP’s up to his private bar in the Captain’s Bridge for a complimentary sherry and relaxation on the antique leather lounge suite. This Cruiser is able to travel to the Barrage and back in only 3 hours, so you are able to view and experience all of the best magnificent homes down Millionaire’s Mile. It is a very interesting River Cruise, as apposed to just river cruising past barren land.

It is priced on a per person rateper hour. Our Winter rates are below: (please enquire about our Summer Rates which are valid from Oct 2013)

Mondays - Fridays::R55.00p/p for a 1-hour Cruise;R82.50p/p for a 2 hour Cruise andR99.75p/p for a 3-hour cruise.

Any additional hour over 3-hours is billed atR1,375.00per hour.(Minimum payment is for 40 passengers).

Saturdays &Sundays::R110.00p/p for a 1-hour Cruise;R165.00p/p for a 2hour Cruise andR199.50p/p for a 3-hour cruise.

Any additionalhour over 3-hours is billed atR2,750.00per hour. (Minimumpayment is for 40 passengers).

Welcome Drinks
e Captain's Bridge when VIP's are invited by the Captain for a sherry.
The Captain's Bridge on the Spirit of Jen
Top deck... ideal for chilling out or partying and dancing!
Lower deck on The Spirit of Jen. Lovely Vaal Cruises.
Cooling your feet on a hot summer's night in the Jacuzzi aboard the Spirit of Jen.
The most popular cruises on inland waters in South Africa – is definitely the Vaal River

The Rand Water Modern Cruiser


The "Rand Water Modern Cruiser" has an enclosed bottom deck with large windows and an open top sun deck. It has conference facilities, music system & a toilet on board. It can take up to 18 Passengers in a cocktail set up and 12 seated at a Table.This Cruiser is R1155.00 for the first hour and R1050,00 every hour thereafter.


The Royal Stonehaven

Side view of Royal Stonehaven

"The Royal Stonehaven" is an upmarket, classic Cruiser that takes up to 56 passengers. The enclosed bottom deck has large sliding windows, music/PA system, conference facilities, 3 ladies/gents, alongside mooring facilities, open top deck with sun loungers and a Jacuzzi.It is priced on a perperson rate.

Our Winter Rates are below: (please enquire about our Summer Rates valid from October 2013 onwards)

Mondays - Fridays: R49.50 p/p for a 1-hour Cruise;R72.50 p/p for a 2-hour Cruise and R90.00 p/p for a 3-hour cruise.

Any additional hour over 3-hours is a set rate of R825.00. (Minimumpayment is for 15 passengers).

Saturdays & Sundays: R98.40 p/pfor a 1-hour Cruise; R145.00 p/p for a 2-hour Cruise and R180.00 p/pfor a 3-hour cruise.

Any additional hour over 3-hours is a set rate ofR1650.00. (Minimum payment is for 15 passengers).

The three well-presented ladies and gents toilets. These are normal flush toilets (not chemical). They flush into a contained area in the hull. The contents there in are then pumped out on land into a normal waste system.

The top deck is open to maximize the birding and sunbathing features. There is a 6-person Jacuzzi and sun loungers on this deck. The Royal Stonehaven has alongside mooring facilities for speedboats & jet skis should you wish to ski or Jet Ski during your River Cruise.

The Vaal Cruise and cuisine offered is perfectly designed to impress overseas visiting business people, tourist and VIP’s.
Unique Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions are also a feature on board.
Conferences are offered too, with full audiovisual facilities including a proxima.
Corporate Marine Dining and personal celebrations are perfect to celebrate on The Royal Stonehaven.
Birding on the Vaal River is a treat with over 200 species of birds. The Royal Stonehaven’s top deck provides a perfect elevated vantage point to do some serious birding from.

Interior of Royal Stonehaven
Rear of Royal Stonehaven
Welcome board for Royal Stonehaven
Interior of Royal Stonehaven
Interior of Royal Stonehaven
Top deck with jacuzzi on Royal Stonehaven

210 Classic Bowrider

This fun Speed Boat seats a maximum of 10 passengers and is R900.00 per hour. Fun with a picnic!

All prices include VAT at 14%. Subject to availability. Prices and Menus are subject to change without notice.

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